OmniMount has Antidote to Inactivity with Mounts Designed for Movement
New collection of wall mounts embodies interactivity, providing one solution for every activity - gaming, fitness, 3D and group viewing

OmniMount, global manufacturer of AV mounting solutions, has introduced three full motion TV wall mounts at CES 2012 (booth 21166). Part of OmniMount’s ActionMount series, the PLAY20, PLAY20X and PLAY40 redefine full motion by offering users an unconventional way to get off the couch and interact with their TVs. Consumers get the most out of their TV investment along with the added health benefits associated with movement and physical activity.

“Traditional mounting solutions focus on getting TVs off of furniture and mounted to the wall, but with limited motion and technology. While in previous years this has served the market well, it doesn’t address the way people interact with their TVs today,” said John Deutsch, senior vice president of NA sales for OmniMount. “The ActionMount PLAY products address modern day multi-purpose TV use. The ease of movement encourages more interaction than ever before, like interactive gaming and exercising, resulting in a healthier lifestyle.”

Integrating Ergotron Constant Force technology to provide fluid, omni-directional TV movement, the ActionMount products are as multi-purpose as today’s home theaters. TVs can be raised up to 21” for gaming or group viewing or lowered 21” for fitness or floor seating. Each mount can be perfectly positioned to achieve the ideal 3D viewing angle, without the need for a precise installation. The range of pan (180 degrees) allows the mount to be viewable from multiple rooms or seating areas. The mount can even be used high over a fireplace and then lowered to achieve the proper viewing angle when in use. CF technology ensures that the force required for movement always remains minimal.

TVs mounted with ActionMounts can be effortlessly repositioned for a multitude of applications, which challenges the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Healthy movement increases metabolic rates and positively affects other bodily systems. The PLAY products provide a comfortable means for using TVs for sitting or standing activities.

The consumer-friendly design has a sleek look and feel and simple installation. Best suited for family rooms, game rooms and bedroom applications, the PLAY40 fits TVs 60” and beyond, panel weight not exceeding 40 pounds, and offers up to 21” of vertical and horizontal movement. A perfect addition for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, the PLAY20 and PLAY20X fits TVs up to 32” and 20 pounds and offers up to 15” of vertical and horizontal adjustment. The PLAY20X also comes with a 9” arm extension for even greater viewing flexibility. Each mount features post installation leveling, tilt and pan, and cable management.

Proudly designed and engineered in the USA, the PLAY20, PLAY20X and PLAY40 will ship in January, offered at target MSRPs US $129.95, US $149.95 and US $299.95, respectively.

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Published On mardi, janvier 10, 2012
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